Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Steam Punk anthology PAID

Title: Steam Dreams Punk Baby

We are looking for Steam Punk fiction, which is a sub genre of SF where there is an alternate history with alternate sources of power. It is often set in Victorian times. However other alternate times and power sources are welcomed as well.

Dead line: October 25th

We are putting together a 1 time POD/eAntho

Send all submission to:
and say in the subject line: Sub (name of fiction) (which collection)

We like stories that have a good sense of place. We love humor. We like dark. We love to be touched. Sexy is good. Humor is excellent. Twists are welcomed too.

h/f/sf or something along those lines.

We are looking for: prose, poetry and art for the cover.

Pay: 1¢/word + copies at cost + profits shared equally at the end of the year. Must have pay pal.

Words: 50 -5k.

RT: 3-6 weeks.

Reprints: query.

Please say Sub and which anthology in subject of the email.

Please place sub as an attachment or into to the body of the email. Contact info on the sub. A line of space between each paragraph is preferred.



Anonymous said...

Sorry, but how much is 50 -5k words exactly? I'd really like to submit something :)

The Writer said...

I believe it means anywhere from 50 words to 5,000 words, being that 'k' means a thousand...

Unless you're asking how many pages, in which case I have absolutely no idea. Use the word count in Word. It is your friend.

Biography said...

That's an october 2010 submission date? Just checking.

Ariyana said...

Is there still room for submissions in this anthology?

Fiction50 said...

I submitted a piece (titled Museum Quality) for this anthology on July 27 and haven't heard anything yet. I was just wondering if your 3-6 weeks time frame for replies was from submission date or from the deadline.

Andy said...

Unless you're asking how quite a few pages, by which situation I have definitely no idea.
How can we swtor credits through the internet? We must make it safe and trust those people who buy our's products, and we can buy swtor credits of other games.

Karl said... thinks that this call for submissions is still open, but judging by how long it's been since the CFS was opened, how long it's been since there have been any responses here, or indeed any sign of life at Dark Wine and Stars in general, my guess is that this anthology is canceled, and that Dark Wine and Stars is defunct.

Anyone who knows better, please feel free to contradict me.