Tuesday, April 27, 2010


After much putting off, we are back up. I found the energy again after an illness that took much longer to recover from than I would have liked.

I've got some more folks helping out. Once we work things out, I hope to have her do her own intro. Not sure of too much yet, but she’ll get her picks and so will I.

We'll be on YouTube. I started the recordings already.

Although DWoS will have its own channel.

We plan on putting together an anthology with the theme of: CATS. So feel free to send those in too.

We will spilt all cash with our writers. We hope for around 12, so that means split 14 ways.

No cute stories.

No true stories.

We want fantasy, SF or horror or something between.

If you have art send it too.

Word count: 50 - 5000 for fiction.

We'd like a short, boi too.

Send to:

Aliceingoreland @ yahoo . com

Note the open spaces. Please close them.

Place your stuff in the body of the email is fine or as a file.

Please say SUBMISSION on the subject line and the title of your work.

A line of space between each paragraph is fine.

We hope to read you soon!

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