Thursday, June 3, 2010

Anthology News


We have two possibilities for covers so far, but of course we would love to see more.

As of yet, we have not taken an poetry, but we would love to. I am hoping to find something to open the collection with and perhaps something at the end. A lot of what we are reading is poetry but not speculative fiction.

Lots of fiction. A handful of "we think so" but there is still lots of room.

No flash fiction has been taken and we would love a few for the pacing.

Reprints are okay as long as you have the rights.

Also, there has been some talk about changing the name of Cats Eye New Bella. I thought it a kind of play off of Cat's Eye Nebula.

The two other titles that up for consider are:

Purr Fiction



If you have any suggestions, please feel free to speak up.

Please keep everything coming and remember, we are willing to look at anything for any of the other anthologies too.


Anonymous said...

I'm embarrassed to say I did not pick up on Nebula from New Bella.
Why not just use Cat's Eye Nebula?
I think it's better than the other options you listed.
It makes me think of Men in Black with the universe on the cat's collar....

Mari Mitchell said...

Perhaps I will. Thanks for commenting.

Faith said...

I didn't "get" the title either... in fact I was very confused about "New Bella" until I read this :) I get it now, but I can't say that would have ever come to mind... sorry!

I like Meowlings, or even Cat's Eye Nebula like the previous commenter.

Mari Mitchell said...

Well then, I think it is decided. We have to change it.

What about Cat Tricks?

Faith said...

Cat Tricks is cute! I like it... it has that speculative air about it, as well.