Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Man With Blood On His Hands

The Man With Blood On His Hands

by Ian Malin

God it's cold in here

Where are we?

Don't know

Open your eyes


Don't want to

Why, you scared?


What if he comes back?


The man with the blood on his hands

He won't come back

He might

No, he's done what he wanted

Hope so

He WON'T be back!

Okay...I'll open me eyes

Good lad

Here goes...

What can you see?

It's all...hazy

Where are you?

In a bed, I think

Why are you cold if you're in bed?

Just am...freezing

Strange, can you see anything now?

It's a bit clearer

Go on then...

Looks like a dormatory

Is anyone else there?

There's a nurse

A nurse?

...Florence Nightingale

What's she doing?

Washing things in a bowl

Say something

Like what?


Okay...excuse me Miss

What's she say?

She ignored me

Say it louder



Nothing, what's the matter with her?

Throw something at her

I can't do that

Go on, something soft

I could throw my pillow I s'pose

That'll do

Why is she ignoring me?

Throw the pillow; she won't ignore that


What you talking about?

I CAN'T move

Just sit up and throw it at her

...I can't


I AM trying!

Take a big breath and push yourself up



I can't!

This aint right...what's she doing?

Putting metal things on a tray

WHY can't you move?


You are awake, AREN'T you?


Only asking

I'd KNOW if I was asleep!

Not necessarily


Dreams are REAL

Shut up, you're scaring me now


...It WOULD explain why she wouldn't answer me

She'd still be able to talk though

She would...hang on

What's that?

It's that man again

Which one?

THAT one!

What's he doing?

Talking to the nurse

Can you see his face?


It MUST be a dream

It's NOT a dream!

People don't LOOK like that in real life


I'm only saying...

DON'T, I don't like it

If it IS a dream...You'd be alright

How do you make that out?

Nothing bad ever happens in a dream

What if it's a nightmare?


Horrible things happen in nightmares

Well, it's probably not

Thanks a lot...probably!

What are they doing now?

He's put his arm round her

Oh yeah?

Not like that, he's comforting her

She's upset?

...hang on

What's that?

There's a big fella walking towards me

What's he doing?

Hey you, where am I?

What's he say?

He's ignoring me as well!

What's the MATTER with everyone?

He's...he's pushing me and the bed out of the door

You still can't move?


You'll be all right


We WILL, we'll be alright!


What can you see?

It looks like a hospital

Well she WAS a nurse!

It's a hospital

Is he still ignoring you?

Yes...I'm scared, REALLY scared

Don't be scared, I'm with you

You won't leave me will you?

Course I won't


How long have I known you?


Well there you go then

It's just...

Just nothing, we'll ALWAYS be together


Still in the corridor?

...hospitals ARE good places...arent they?

Course they are

They don't do BAD they?

Course they don't

It looks like a loony bin

It can't be THAT bad

There's bars on the window


And metal cells

STOP worrying!

...this aint right

What's that noise?

Sounds like a lot of people

Can you see anything?

We're coming up to a big wooden door

Is that where the noise is coming from?

I think so

Are you ready Doctor?

Who said that?

The nurse

As ready as I'll ever be

It's THAT bloke again

The one with red hands?


I don't like this

Open the door nurse

What's happening, what's happening?

There's hundreds of people in white coats, all around

What they doing?

Clapping and cheering

Looking at us?

Yes...and the doctor

I've bought you all here today

Oh my God

To witness a living human brain

...That's us

That is quite detached from its body

God no!

It can't, it can't

You will see...if I touch...

He's...he's sticking me

Certain parts of the brain

My legs are moving

...The body still responds

We're an experiment

If I touch here...

My hearts racing

The subject's eyes will open

But I CAN see

God...he means me

But you can't

I can...

I've opened the optic nerve

I can see

...In the brain


If he were alive



He'd be able to look at his own brain

Oh God


The more we learn about the human body

I can see you

The more we can help others

I feel...strange

Me too

Unfortunately, once separated

I'm tired

The time for learning is limited


As they can't exist without the other

I love...

If I probe here...


The brain will die, closely followed by...


The body...

My name is Ian Malin and I live in Selly Oak, Birmingham, England. I have been married for sixteen years (separated for the last three!) and we have one daughter, Amy. I always thought of myself as a writer, but never ACTUALLY did any. Although I hate being separated, it has given me the drive I never had. In the past three years writing has become my life, it has been like a dam bursting. I've written a book and a half of poetry...poetry with bite and feeling. A play especially written for the stage, and a script intended for the cinema (or television, with the intention it could be made into a series). And several short stories. I have finally written, and re written and re written again x's 4 to be in a position to submit my work. I have got valuable feedback from the writing site

Writing is my life and I'd like to take it to the next level, It is my burning desire to be successful, but if that's not to be I wil wallow in the pleasure it gives me. My e mail number is MALINTHEPOET@HOTMAIL.CO.UK if you would like to know more.

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